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Artist Visual Artist Painter Desinger Writer Poet Photographer Philanthropist Humanitarian Promoter Educator Motivator Marisa Angelis


Marisa Angelis is an Australian – Global

Artist, Visual Artist, Painter, Designer, Writer, Poet, Photographer, Philanthropist, Humanitarian, Promoter, Educator, Motivator – 




My art is best describe as Expressionism – Abstract and Contemporary


I specialise in;

☆ Authentic Vibrant Abstract/ Contemporary Paintings

☆ Designs

☆ Illustration – Drawings, Sketches

☆ Animation


☆ Digital Photography

☆ Montage-Slide Shows

☆ Video Art

☆ Filmmaking, Visual Effects

☆ Writing, Screenplays

☆ Novels and Short Stories

☆ Written Presentations

☆ Narration

☆ Motivational Presentations

☆ Poems

☆ Poetry Reading Recitals

☆ Presentations

☆ Jewellery

☆ Art Pieces

☆ Models

☆ Sculptures and Carvings

☆ Mosaics


Pythagoras' Cup 2003 painting © Marisa Angelis
Pythagoras’ Cup painting © Marisa Angelis

Marisa Angelis’ Artwork

Is featured in publications throughout Australia, European Parliament and the World

Galleries, a variety of establishments, cultural events, festivals, specialty stores, Fringe festivals, Australian historic events, television, the world wide web and homes are some of the spaces that have and are known to feature Artworks by Marisa Angelis

My paintings are featured online at my ongoing Art Exhibition

♥ United Colours’ Art Exhibition by Marisa H. Angelis

'United Colours' Art Exhibition - most Paintings by Marisa H. Angelis  © Marisa Angelis - Artist ! MHAngelis - MHA


☆ Featured Artworks, Paintings, Jewellery and Design, Poetry and more may be viewed @  MarisaAngelisArt channel



Consider Art by Marisa Angelis  – A lifetime of Creative Enthusiasm


Unique Artistic Style


“I create fun, educational and motivating Art for people of all walks of life and origins”  – Marisa Angelis

Monarch Butterfly

EnJoy a ·Visual ·Artistic Feast of ·Vibrant ·Colour ·Design ·Education

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