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Marisa Angelis’ Artwork                                     United Colours by Marisa H. Angelis

Is featured in publications throughout Australia, European Parliament and the World

  • Galleries, a variety of establishments, cultural events, festivals, specialty stores, Fringe festivals, Australian historic events, television and the world wide web are some of the spaces that have and are known to feature Artworks by Marisa Angelis
  • Selling Authentic vibrant Paintings

♥ United Colours’ Art Exhibition on the Paintings page

  • View – Purchase and Invest !
  • Featured Artworks, Paintings, Necklaces and Design, Poetry and more…

May be viewed at MarisaAngelisArt channel

  • Remember, see something you like? Contact Marisa Angelis
  • Contact Marisa if you have a business offer that involves Art by Marisa Angelis !

Consider Art by Marisa Angelis – A lifetime of Creative Enthusiasm

Unique Artistic Style

Making Waves

All Content by Marisa H. Angelis – is © Copyright


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