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“To find yourse…


“To find yourself, think for yourself” –  Socrates Ancient Greek Philosopher 470 BC-399 BC


A Favourite Quote !  !  !                                   

Luke 2012 © Marisa Angelis

Luke 2012 © Marisa Angelis



Marisa Angelis – The Artist ! A little more . . .

Marisa Angelis

Marisa Angelis

Artist - Visual Artist - Painter - Designer - Necklace Designer - Writer - Poet - Photographer...

Marisa Angelis is an Australian, Artist, Visual Artist, Painter, Designer, Necklace Designer, Writer, Poet, Photographer, Philanthropist, Humanitarian, Promoter, Educator and Motivator who holds four Australian nominations.

Painting, Designing, Creating, Inventing, Writing Stories and Poetry, Creating Video Art, Designing and Creating Handmade Necklaces, turning my brilliant Screenplay into a movie and Spreading Awareness about my Passions and Democratic causes are some of my Creative interests and Pursuits !

A Lover of Life with a Fantastic Sense of Humour, I'm Global :-) !

© Marisa Angelis


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