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The Easter Miracle by Marisa Angelis


The Eternal Flame © Marisa AngelisTheEasterMiracle2©

  TheEasterMiracle3© TheEasterMiracle4© TheEasterMiracle6© TheEasterMiracle7© TheEasterMiracle8© TheEasterMiracle9© TheEasterMiracle10© TheEasterMiracle11Easter – Sunday, April 20, 2014 

This year Easter will mark 21 years since I experienced

The Easter Miracle


For my entire life I have strongly believed in God and Our Saviour Jesus Christ, The Lord, Jesus Christ, King of Kings.

In 1993, I was beyond fortunate to experience ‘The Easter Miracle’ and I continue to share my miracle, my experience with everyone throughout the world, regardless if one believes in God, or Lord Jesus Christ.  I respect People of All faiths and religions and always hope and pray for Peace.

I wish that governments would help, the disadvantaged, people living in poverty, people living with disabilities, the elderly, the vulnerable, instead of making them suffer more.

Life is so precious and things and experiences are so unexpected…  

No one knows if they, a loved one, their child etc will have a major change in their life…

Not everyone has the privilege to top health care and food, or a comfortable home, or family, or friends who truly care.

Easter is not about chocolate eggs and long weekends to renovate houses…

Easter is Christianity, to reflect and pray for All and to actually do something for someone/s that you care for, or for a complete stranger/s.

Easter is about learning and seeing beyond vision but with the heart of how greed and greedy people tried to destroy Our Lord Jesus Christ and how unfortunately greed and greedy people still do this today, to the innocent and the vulnerable.

Easter is not about Christian religions.

Christian faith is one.

Christianity, unfortunately to a lot of people has become another way of using specific Christian denominations to grab money from people.

It has become a business and they are brands.

Christianity is not suppose to be brands of/ for business.

The only Right, Regal King is Our Lord Jesus Christ, to me who believes in him, as I am a Christian.


In Hellenic (Greek)

ΙΧΘΥΣ  Ίησοῦς Χριστός, Θεοῦ Υἱός, Σωτήρ – 

Translates to ‘Jesus Christ Son Of God Saviour’







© Marisa Angelis – April 17, 2014

Marisa Angelis – The Artist ! A little more . . .

Marisa Angelis

Marisa Angelis

Artist - Visual Artist - Painter - Designer - Necklace Designer - Writer - Poet - Photographer...

Marisa Angelis is an Australian, Artist, Visual Artist, Painter, Designer, Necklace Designer, Writer, Poet, Photographer, Philanthropist, Humanitarian, Promoter, Educator and Motivator who holds four Australian nominations.

Painting, Designing, Creating, Inventing, Writing Stories and Poetry, Creating Video Art, Designing and Creating Handmade Necklaces, turning my brilliant Screenplay into a movie and Spreading Awareness about my Passions and Democratic causes are some of my Creative interests and Pursuits !

A Lover of Life with a Fantastic Sense of Humour, I'm Global :-) !

© Marisa Angelis


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